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THE AESTHETE - Black Candle Tins

THE AESTHETE - Black Candle Tins - chalktree | WAX Candles.
THE AESTHETE - Black Candle Tins - chalktree | WAX Candles.
THE AESTHETE - Black Candle Tins - chalktree | WAX Candles.

The Aesthete has a dark and mysterious aura. Our matt black tins perfectly capture the essence of sitting by a campfire. The crackling wooden wick creates a cozy and calming ambiance that sets the mood for relaxation. Handmade from luxurious and vegan coconut-soy wax, these candles are clean-burning and nontoxic. Made for conscious buyers and to inspire sustainability we only use eco-friendly packaging. These black candle tins are trendy and are perfect for small rooms, bathrooms, or desks. Don't forget to re-use the tin for storage or for any other DIY projects.

**The BLACK TINS are low in STOCK. But we have COPPER TINS that look and feel exactly the same. So if we don't have the BLACK TIN in your choice of scent then we will be shipping out the COPPER TIN to you.

  • 5.5oz
  • 24+ Hours Burn Time
  • Vegan Coconut-Soy Wax
  • Natural Wooden Wicks
  • Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil
  • Toxin Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Hand-poured in small batches

Go to our Scents Page for all info about our scents.

THE AESTHETE - Black Candle Tins - chalktree | WAX Candles.
THE AESTHETE - Black Candle Tins - chalktree | WAX Candles.
THE AESTHETE - Black Candle Tins - chalktree | WAX Candles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Miche Scott Handmade
A warm glow

There are candles that shines bright, some light the way, others dances between the shadows of midnight. Chalktree wax candles are the candles that makes you glow warmly,where the only thing that matters is the peace of ambiance created by the sensual scents, handpoured, handmade, simply loved. Recommended for lovers, family, friends, but most importantly, recommended for oneself because you don’t need a reason to light a beautiful candle.

Diane W.

I ordered 6 all different scents and when delivered the wonderful smell coming from just the box was amazing. Opened the box and the love and thought that you first saw was the cover with CW in the center, next was the little bag with her logo.then open the beautiful card that was sealed with wax..I took my time to look over and read everything before removing the layer of packing which also was painstakingly placed..Oh my, which one to open much fun to savor the aroma of each one then to decide which to try first..I chose the Clean Linen since I was doing laundry and this gave a very clean aroma. I am sorry I don’t know how to send pictures or you would see more than one..I am ordering a dough bowl candle when I decide on the scent... Do not hesitate to order any of the different candles that are available, you will never regret your purchase. I first met Monika at a spring open house at Harry’s_Used Furniture in Leola in May, was a pleasure meeting her and hearing her story,Should you have an opportunity to be at an event she will be at please go and meet this wonderful lady..

Ramya G.

This is my fav one !

Sushmitha P.

I absolutely loved the subtle scents and the wooden wick. The crackle of the flame brought so much romance to our evening dinner. This is the ideal gift for any occasion!